Bovec spring guide

Bovec spring guide

Most of guests visit Bovec in hot summer days, when mountain air and refreshing Soca river offers a perfect runaway for active people. Bovec is full of life in the top season, in July and August.

But, there is a special, magical thing about Bovec in spring. It’s days are slowly getting longer and panorama is gradually getting greener. In this time of the year, Bovec is calmer. It is mostly visited by guests, who wish to ski on the highest Slovenian ski resort, Kanin.

Usually snow conditions allows us to ski even up to 1. May or longer. The first whitewater enthusiasts visit Bovec already in March.

In this blog, I have collected few interesting events in Bovec and surroundings, that will give you one more reason to visit Soca valley in this time of the year.

10. – 19. March


In this week, best slovenian chefs will present their newest specialties in the price range, accessible to everyone. Our closest participating restaurant is Topli Val in Kobarid, which will serve with four dish mediterranean meal. Prior arrival it is essential to make reservation.

Photo: Topli Val

15. March


Floating season on Soca and it’s tributaries is open from 15. March untill 31. October. There are thousands of guests joining this whitewater activities yearly, mostly in July and August. But there are plenty of reasons to join rafting / kayaking earlier: consistenly high water levels due to snow melt, long and warm days, offseason prices of accommodation… It is also possible to enjoy the snow conditions on the Kanin- Sella Nevea ski resort, and spice up the days with spring kayaking in the afternoons.

Photo: Sport miks

17. April


Emaus is a traditional international meeting of old style skiing enthusiasts, that will take it’s place on Eastern Monday on Kanin ski resort. Legendary event will be accompanied with great local cuisin and music additive.

More info on these link.

1. – 9. May


The first skydive camp of 2017 Bovec Spring Boogie will start on Monday 1.5. on the Bovec airport. Traditional meeting of international skydivers, will be accompanied with amusing program for everyone, panoramic flights, tandem skydiving, evening events,…

Video of Bovec Spring Boogie 2016

12. – 13. May


IngensProject team and Soca Outdoor festival are organizing a weekend event for kayakers, located in kobarid. On Friday evening, they will present an interesting movie about construction and effects of dams, called Balkan rivers tour. On Saturday, there will be kayaking races from the early afternoon which will continou with a party in the evening. Kayaking competitions do not require more than WW level 3 kayaker, so they are suitable also for non proffesional guests.

Photo: IngensProject

16. – 18.June


There are hundreds of trail runners visiting festival in Podbrdo in the last ten years. Festival offers variable tracks, shorter runs on 3K and 12K, and also 42K and 100K trails with a large hight difference.

22. June


Guided walking tours will be organized every Thursday from 22.6. until end of August. Interesting trail in the Triglav National Park will lead you next to unique and cultural statues. The tour is suitable for everyone, also families and individuals with basic sports abilities (4 hours walk).

24. June


The Kobarid fair with colorful cultural, cuisine and entertaining program will be happening on 24.6. At the same time there will be also Kobarid running race on 10K and shorter runs for the youngest members.

26. June – 2. July


This is one of the best festivals in Slovenia, which brings thousands of people to Tolmin. Charity Rock music festival with famous world’s known music bands, makes every day of the festival never to be forgotten.

There are plenty reasons to visit Bovec in spring time. Some of you will be conviced by sports events, others by cousine and cultural content. However, everyone will be inspired by Bovec and it’s unique nature and unforgettable adventures.