Canyon – Fratarica

Canyoning in Fratarica is a perfect activity for hot summer days. We will be well refreshed in body and spirit as well. On our trips we will do things which othervise we would not do and we will get to places where othervise we would not get. We will jump in deep emerald pools, slide on natural slip-ways made by the creek in million of years, swim, walk and climb in the narrow gorge. Before entering the canyons we will ensure with a 30-minutes hike to be warmed up till we get to the sarting point.


Exploring the deep and hidden canyons of Bovec Valley will impress those, who want to face the true wilderness. Once we enter, we will walk and swim in the narrow passages of the canyon, jump in the crystal clear pools, slide down the natural slides and rappel high waterfalls. On the way we are all the time secured by the guides, therefore these canyons do not need any pre-knowledge either, just wish for extreme adventure.

WHERE: Fratarica creek (Log pod Mangartom)
DIFFICULTY: intermediate
PRICE: 100€ – 110€
SUITABLE: for active and not giddy (height)
NECESSITY: swimming knowledge


SEASON: every day between 15.3. and 31.10.
WHEN: every day in the morning and afternoon
MEETING PLACE: office Soča Splash on address Rupa 14a in center of Bovec
WHAT DO I NEED: swimwear and towel


We will meet in our office Soča Splash in the center of Bovec , where you will meet your and canyoning team.
After the short briefing about our day together and collecting the whitewater equipment, we will drive to the starting point, the exit point of the canyon.

We will change to our wetsuits, leave dry clothes in the vans and start the hike to the enterance of the canyon.
Before we start our journey down the canyon, our guides will educate you all necessary about the safety and canyoning itself.

We will enter the canyon with many slides, waterfalls and emerald pools where we will spend few memorable hours.
Our vans will wait for us on the finish point, where we will change back to dry clothes and drive back to Bovec.