Road to Mangart saddle

Road to Mangart saddle

Mangart (2679masl) is the fourth highest mountain in Slovenia. But don’t let this fact distract you from visiting the peak of this beautiful mountain in the Julian Alps. There is the highest-lying road in Slovenia going all the way up the Mangart Saddle, on about 2055 masl.

This road has been built by Italian solders before the WW2 and is now an important part of tourist infrastructure. It brings a lot of individual guests and sports operators over the whole year.

In case you still haven’t visited this impressive road, you’ve for sure seen it in one of the TV comercial spots (BMW, The North Face, Suzuki etc).


Mangart road is closed and not maintained in winter time, due to heavy snowfall and avalange danger. When the snowconditions are good, it is possible to join to the sledding trips, organized by local sports operators. Starting point is on about 1450 masl, and finish 2 kilometers lower, on about 1280 masl. This sledding track is one of the best in Slovenia.

The Mangart road keeps the snow relatively long, due to it’s location and hights, which is great news for tour skiers and snowshoe walkers. They will enjoy picturesque views on Loška stena and nearby Julian peaks on their whole way to the Mangart Saddle.


Mangart road usually opens in May and is maintained untill end of November. Operation of the road depends on the weather conditions (snow, avanalge dangers), so it can also open/close eariler/later then the predicted dates are. In the operating time, there are many nature loving guests visiting it:


There is only 2 hours hike from Mangart Saddle to the summit of Mangart mountain (600 vertical meters). You can choose from very demanding climbing routes and less demanding trails. In any case, the conditions of the routes serious and the Via ferrata sets and helmets are recommended.

There is also ˝Via Italiana˝route comming up near the saddle from Italy. This is a well protected and very demanding via ferrata route. This few hundred meters high vertical wall finishes on the route Mangart Saddle- Mangart, from where you can continou all the way to the top.


Paragliders has a starting point for their flights a bit lower from the saddle, on a beautiful grassy terrace under the Mangart. This starting point offers best views and flight between the high alpine summits.


Biking on Mangart Saddle is a true challange for cyclists. It takes 12K to the saddle from the road junction Predel- Strmec . But most of cyclists starts even lower, in Logu pod Mangartom or even in Bovcu. The continous rise of the road demands a perfect physical fitness. Most enthusiastic guests can also join the 17th Mangart bike race in August.

Mangart Saddle also welcomes an easy going nature loving guests, for a short panoramic walks, or a picnic with a view on the high mountain alpine air.

When planning your next vacation in Bovec, do take a day off for an active visit of Mangart surroundings. There are many good reasons for that!